Mobile Brake Tester
Mobile Brake Tester

Mobile Brake Tester

CVW takes a closer look at the mobile roller brake tester from Continental Automotive.

Some operators can be deterred from investing in roller brake testers (RBTs) because of the cost of the associated groundworks. Continental Automotive claims that you don’t need a pit to have a reliable RBT on site – mobile brake testers such as the BM20200 can include all the same electronics and software as in-ground brake testers including remote control, service lane and cylinder air pressure measurement, automatic axle weighing, load simulation and diagnostic print-out.

The BM20200 is approved by international authorities including DVSA and complies with the ISO standard. Equipped with the same electronics and software as other BM in-ground brake testers, it can be used in conjunction with the BM52000 mobile play detector, which allows for a test lane concept on-ground.

Advantages and benefits

A transportable RBT can be used at different sites, making it an economical solution for multi-depot fleets and independent workshops providing on-site servicing and compliance checks.

Alternatively it can be used at one site either permanently in one position in a workshop, or moved around – outdoors in good weather, indoors in winter, or stored to save space. A mobile RBT can release more lane space in the workshop so additional vehicles can be tested, making more revenue and utilising the workshop space to its maximum potential.

The design of the unit allows it to be placed and used directly on the workshop floor without any civil work. The drive on/off ramps can be folded down and the display is placed on a mobile device in front of the brake tester and power is connected to the CEE connector. Continental says the unit can be made fully operational by one person in 10-15 minutes. The display of the BM20200 can be displayed on a tablet allowing for one man operation.


Claimed to be a truly mobile brake testing solution for commercial vehicles, the BM20200 can be moved by one person. Features include:

■ Tablet;
■ 18000kg axle load;
■ Suitable for applied handbrake test;
■ Can be left in situ–no costly groundworks;
■ Automatic collection, calculation and storage of all test results;
■ Heavy duty gearboxes, 4.8kw motors and mechanical motor brakes as standard;
■ Galvanised roller beds with unique roller surface ensuring long life;
■ Automatic weighing;
■ All in one tachograph (optional extra);
■ Suitable for external installation.

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