CVW Top Products 2017

CVW Top Products 2017

December is a time for reflection, so we look back over the last 12 months and cast the spotlight on the most exciting, innovative and useful products to hit the market this year, as voted by you.

Shapeline – HELLA

With the introduction of its Shapeline lamp series, Hella says it has enabled CV operators to combine individual lighting systems, meeting the challenges involved in designing consistent light signatures on vehicles or trailer units. Tail lights, brake lights, direction indicators and the like can be combined in a multitude of different designs, to give vehicles an individual appearance that is consistent across the range.

Shapeline is available in two different designs: the classic straight-line Tech design and the dynamic, curved Style design. The lights can be specified with red, white or yellow covers, depending on the lighting function and can be combined in numerous ways thanks to their modularity.

Digital Tachograph – Continental VDO

The digital tachograph includes driving, working, on- call and rest periods for the driver and the front passenger and stores this information on the personal driver card. The driver can use the VDO Counter to find out when the maximum permissible driving time has been reached and how long the next break needs to be. In addition, the device records vehicle-related data such as the truck speed.

Time spent travelling on ferries and trains is recorded in the calculation as rest periods. Information on calibration is also stored in the mass storage device and the driver is periodically reminded of test intervals and the remaining validity of the tachograph card.

Black Mamba Torque Grip Gloves – Fortress Distribution 

The Black Mamba Torque Grip is a powder free nitrile disposable glove, designed with a unique Torque Grip pattern over the entire hand area to optimise surface performance and is said to allow outstanding grip at all times. The glove claims to be an effective barrier against oils, acids and other chemicals and is said to be ideal for use during servicing, oil changes, battery replacement and many other routine tasks.

Manufactured from a superior strength nitrile formulation, the gloves are described as extremely soft and flexible, providing unrivalled comfort and sensitivity. At 6.25 mil thick, with a 10.25 mil raised Torque Grip, the gloves provide resistance to tears and punctures. The cuff is beaded further, adding to its strength and preventing liquid roll back.

Econx Remanufactured Range – Knorr-Bremse

As vehicles grow older there is more demand for cost-effective repairs. At the same time, fleets want to ensure there will be no problems fitting remanufactured components and that they will perform as well as OE components.

Knorr-Bremse says that EconX enables fleets to keep older trucks and trailers safely on the road and is an ideal solution for the economical repair of vehicles with a limited remaining service life. It can also contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a vehicle.

The range includes remanufactured brake components, but it also extends to 300 different parts for numerous truck and trailer applications.

Work Shop Fuel & Exhaust Cleaner – Cataclean 

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and catalytic converters can cost thousands of pounds to replace. And yet, in many instances, this costly process and the downtime that comes with it are unnecessary. Research has shown that simply adding a fuel additive can reduce the risks of both issues by breaking down the harmful deposits that can clog DPFs and catalytic converters.

Work Shop fuel & exhaust cleaner claims to reduce emissions by up to 60%, improve overall engine performance and fuel efficiency by cleaning and protecting the catalytic converter and DPF.

Brakesafe – Vision Techniques

BrakeSafe prevents vehicle rollaways by automatically applying the handbrake if the driver forgets to when leaving the vehicle. The system uses multiple sensors – including door position, seat pressure and movement – to recognise the potential for a possible runaway, and applies the handbrake and warns the driver. The system is automated and has been developed to trigger when a runaway could happen but not to interfere with the driver during their normal operation.

Ken-Tool Range – Tyre Equipment Company 

TEC added Ken-Tool’s products to its range and began supplying these throughout the UK and Ireland. The collaboration between the two companies meant that customers are able to benefit from more choice when selecting bead breakers, wrenches and tyre levers and easy access to specialist Ken-Tool products such as the Blue Cobra Truck Tyre Demount Tool (35440) and the T54 Heavy-Duty Ratchet Action Tyre Spreader (31554).

Tough Range – Swarfega

To celebrate its 70th anniversary this year, Swarfega launched a limited-edition range of products, Tough by Swarfega. The range includes hand cleaner, skin protection cream, shower gel, hand wipes and sun cream.

The hand cleaner is designed to remove dirt, grease and oil whilst protecting hands. The skin protection cream is designed to improve grip and provide a barrier against contaminants. The hand wipes require no water and come in a resalable container of 70 wipes.

LED Interior Lighting – ECCO Safety Group 

ESG launched a comprehensive range of LED interior lighting products under the ECCO brand earlier this year. The range included cabin interior lamps, flat panels and self-adhesive strips, all designed for a wide range of applications and vehicles, including buses and coaches and was created to provide cohesive, aesthetically appealing and high-end products to the industry.

The EW0100 series of self-adhesive strip lighting products – suitable for illuminating lockers, luggage racking etc. – are available in pre- configured lengths. The majority of products in the range are said to require only two to four fixing screws, have only two cables and can be installed just about anywhere within a vehicle.

Windscreen Repair Kit – Tool Connection

The Windscreen Repair Kit (92391) is designed for repairing laminated windscreen chips and cracks. This process is carried out by injecting a liquid resin into the damaged area of a laminated windscreen and allowing it to cure. When a laminated windscreen is chipped or cracked, in general only the outer layer of glass is damaged and this is the layer that will be repaired.

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