Morris Lubricants details Versimax HD18 5W-20

Morris Lubricants details Versimax HD18 5W-20

Morris Lubricants has launched Versimax HD18 5W-20, a grade of heavy-duty diesel engine oil that meets the requirements of the latest Scania and MAN fuel-efficient HGV engine technology.

The new heavy-duty diesel engine oil complies with Scania LDF-5 and MAN M3977 specifications. Available in 25 litre drums, 205 litre barrels and in bulk supply, Versimax HD18 5W-20 is already being used in the latest 13-litre Scania engines: DC13 173, DC13 174, DC13 175 and DC13 176. The engine oil can also be used in MAN D26 and D38 models.

The new Versimax HD18 5W-20 is part of the Versimax range, a series of approved, superior quality, heavy-duty diesel engine oils manufactured at the Morris Lubricants facility in Shrewsbury. The Versimax range is designed to help reduce downtime, improve fuel efficiency and contribute to the reduction in engine emissions. Used by fleet operators, maintenance technicians, mechanics, and drivers, Versimax engine oils help to rationalise usage where mixed fleets of vehicles and engine technologies are in operation.

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