Webfleet unveils PRO M compact driver terminal

Webfleet unveils PRO M compact driver terminal

PRO M is a new compact driver terminal from Webfleet, designed for use with the Webfleet fleet management solution.

The rugged and secure multitasker comes with Work App, TomTom GO Fleet and Vehicle Check pre-installed. Webfleet’s order management platform is fully integrated with the PRO M, providing a complete end-to-end solution for all fleets, especially those involved in activities such as delivery, maintenance, installation and repair.

The PRO M connects drivers and businesses and brings together a range of essential features in one device, including order management, two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers, OptiDrive 360, which empowers drivers to improve driving performance; and automatic recording of working time and mileage registration, which aids compliance with legislation and policy. Ideal for dashboards in vans, it is a long-lasting and future-proof device supporting Android 11, as well as future upgrades up to Android 14. It is also ready out of the box, with the user only having to equip it with a SIM purchased from a separate vendor of their choice.

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