MOTUS Commercials cuts back on single-use plastic

MOTUS Commercials cuts back on single-use plastic

Motus Commercials has announced it will no longer be using single use plastic cups across its 34 dealer locations, in an effort to cut down on plastic waste.

This is said to be a huge move for the business, which currently disposes of a large number of single use plastic cups per site, per day from its reusable drinks machines. Staff, visitors and customers of its 10 truck and van manufacturer partner brands, all add to the company’s plastic output and subsequent environmental impact.

Matthew Lawrenson, Managing Director of Motus Commercials, commented: “Cutting out single use plastic cups from Motus Commercials is a great move not just for our business but for the commercial vehicle industry as a whole. Always on the move, single use plastic cups have long been the quick and easy option for our staff and our customers. Now is the time to remove plastic cups from our dealerships to dramatically cut down on our plastic waste. We hope that this change will set a precedence for other businesses too, and not just in our industry!”

The Plastic Cup Free Zone will come into force from November 2019, with all 1,500 members of staff being supplied with a reusable Motus Commercials water bottle from this date.

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