One System Solution

One System Solution

Eclipse Automotive explains why First Bus made the decision to use the Jaltest platform as its preferred diagnostics solution.

First Bus, one of the largest UK bus operators, now uses Eclipse Automotive for its diagnostic solutions to reduce additional costs and increase efficiency within its workshops. Previously, the bus operator had a number of tools from a range of suppliers to cover any repairs or maintenance on its vehicles. However, the different systems had their own costs, which created extra burden, including separate annual updates, repairs of the equipment, as well as the need to ensure that all engineers were trained on all machines.

A new approach was needed. With a fleet of over 5,800 vehicles, both buses and coaches, any change would result in a major investment by First Bus. Therefore, stringent testing, trials and reviews would be necessary in order to ensure that the right diagnostic platform was chosen.

First Bus and Eclipse Automotive began working together in the early part of 2018 to develop a system that would benefit the operator’s team of engineers and meet all the requirements compiled by the project team, which included testing the overall capability of the proposed equipment and the ability of the supplier to provide ongoing support to the First Bus network.

During the project, the Jaltest Multi- Brand diagnostic equipment was used in numerous demonstrations and capability tests at various First Bus depots throughout the UK. In these tests, Eclipse and the project team ensured that every task and function required of the software was available and fully tested.

After a number trials and proficiency tests carried out by the project team and First Bus engineers, the Jaltest Diagnostic platform was starting to be viewed as the favoured option by the First Group. At this stage, the project requirement was to assess each supplier’s ability to provide support to both the equipment and the engineers across the First Bus Network. Eclipse’s Technical Support Service was considered to be an asset to the all-encompassing diagnostics solutions, and meant that Eclipse became a forerunner in the competition.The Technical Support Service includes an in-house team of qualified technicians located at Eclipse’s headquarters, and is on hand to assist the engineers of First Bus with help on fault code interpretation, calibration procedures, programming tasks, and any fault diagnosis, should it ever be necessary. The service is available by telephone or internet remote sessions via Eclipse Assist.

As with any project involving equipment acquisition, the final decision was based on a wide range of graded elements that cumulatively represent the overall requirement. The directors of First Bus made the decision to proceed with Eclipse and Jaltest Diagnostics not just due to the capability of the equipment, but for the support services offered as part of the package.

One further aspect to the package was the opportunity to have access to the technical training school located at Eclipse’s headquarters. The hope is now that this would help train First Bus engineers and build a strong relationship that will enable both companies to achieve future success.

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