Testing your Reactions

Testing your Reactions

Steering component wear can manifest in a manner of ways, including vibration, noise and tyre wear, all of which negatively impact efficient vehicle performance.

Reaction rods work alongside V-stays and other main components of the suspension within the steering network, to transmit the functions of an axle and improve drivability. They ensure optimal axle location within the steering frame and provide driving, brake and torque support, resulting in ideal wheel control and a high level of driving comfort.

Diesel Technic brand, DT Spare Parts’ reaction rods have several specific design characteristics to enable optimal performance: a tube made of high-quality steel; crimping at either end; bushes press fitted in place with retaining rings; and a manufacturer-level rubber bush consistency.

“The correct set up of a vehicle’s steering components is absolutely vital if fleet operators are to maximise efficiency and reduce the risk of vehicle downtime,” explained Mark Boden, General Manager, Diesel Technic UK and Ireland. “The design and function of reaction rods mean that they are susceptible to wear, which is further exacerbated by exposure to dirt, poor weather, road salt and debris.”

All of DT Spare Parts’ reaction rods undergo hardness testing, as well as an examination of the separate materials, all of which is carried out in-house to ensure quality control. Precision compressing of the joint pieces ensures a secure, high- strength connection, while the dimensions of the company’s reaction rods comply with original manufacturer specifications. This quality control process helps to ensure accurate fitment, performance and longevity of component life.

“We carry out comprehensive in-house R&D and validation work before any DT Spare Parts components reach the aftermarket,” added Boden. “Every time a vehicle is off the road undergoing maintenance, it is costing its operator money instead of earning it. Our promise of high-quality products is validated by our 24-month warranty. This isn’t just for reaction rods, but all of our commercial vehicle, bus, coach, trailer and LCV DT Spare Parts’ products.”

DT Partner Portal

More information on reaction rods, steering and other commercial vehicle components can be found on Diesel Technic’s Partner Portal at DT-SpareParts.com. Here, visitors to the site will find the brand’s loyalty scheme, ‘Premium Shop’. The free-to- register programme is designed to reward workshop professionals who purchase DT Spare Parts products either directly from the brand, or a distribution partner. End- users receive crown codes that can be exchanged for rewards, ranging from high street shopping vouchers to home improvement features, such as BBQs, coffee machines and gift sets, with new rewards being added regularly.

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