Overridable MX Series Depot Fuelling Equipment

Overridable MX Series Depot Fuelling Equipment

Merridale Ltd launch overridable MX Series depot fuelling equipment

Merridale Ltd has now fully launched the Merridale MX Series depot fuelling equipment designed to meet the requirements of transport fleet operators who want precise fuel management and long-term durability, the Merridale MX Series covers all the hardware options needed for a busy depot fuelling point.

Key components are as follows: the MX-P diesel/gas oil pump: the MX-M stand-alone fuel management unit: the MX-I, which is an integral diesel/gas oil pump with built in fuel management facilities and the MX-T tank management system.

“Marketing feedback has been very positive,” says sales director Stephen Hannan. “We offer a true ‘one-shop’ fuel management capability covering all requirements, from single depot requirements up to high volume multiple depot installations. By co-operating with customers’ civil works specialists and the tank manufacturers, we can take full responsibility for the delivery of a complete fuelling point onto a prepared site.”

“The MX Series units are more compact to provide flexibility as fuelling points become more complex to meet multiple product requirements for diesel, gas oil, AdBlue and engine lubrication oil. Stand out features for the pumps, include the single volume dispensed/totaliser display removing the requirement for separate units.

Another popular design feature is the option for high hose installations which allows more flexibility and easier handling when dispensing from depot fuelling points.

MX Series Fuel Management System

The MX-M fuel management system is a fully weather-proof unit that can control access for up to four fuel pumps – or any other form of pump/dispensers, that have electronic pulse outputs.

For its main function as the fuelling point control system, this unit incorporates the user interface to access fuel, authenticate the vehicle and capture all the relevant details of every fuelling transaction. This data can be either polled automatically for online processing for use with Merridale FuelWorks web based reporting service or retrieved locally, for in-house processing using either the Merridale FuelFX or FuelSite reporting software.

Most operators are now choosing to use the Merridale web-based FuelWorks service which polls the transaction information from the fuelling point automatically. This information is collected together with current stock contents returns to provide users the option to view or download the reports they require.

The system even incorporates a dashboard view which provides immediate reporting of current status. Multiple fuelling points can be incorporated under a central administration. Since this is a web service, this information is available continuously from any web browser facility.

Housed within a stainless steel enclosure, the MX-M unit can be either pedestal or wall mounted. Operators can specify different methods for user/vehicle authentication. Currently supported are Datakeys, Datatags Magnetic stripe cards, the Merridale vLink cable and a number of third party RFID devices. PIN and mileage (odometer) readings are entered using either a numeric or alpha-numeric keypad. The system can also be set to receive odometer readings wirelessly transmitted from on-board Merridale transponder devices interfaced to the vehicle engine management system.

Communications links for uploading transaction data include GPRS, GSM, Network Adaptors or simply a direct cable link. As an additional precaution against any interruption to communication, the MX-M unit has a storage capacity of up to 8,000 transactions held in non-volatile memory.


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