PETRONAS showcases Urania oil range

PETRONAS showcases Urania oil range

The Strong Tech technology built into PETRONAS’s Urania oil range for both light commercial and heavy duty trucks is said to deliver great durability in the face of extreme engine temperatures, oxidation and damaging deposits.

The formula is claimed to enable vehicles to stay ‘stronger for longer’ as the oil forms a strong fluid film, in which soot is ‘locked away’ to maintain optimal viscosity and defend against wear and oxidation, extending the oil’s efficiency right up to the next drain.

The oils have also been engineered with CO2 reduction in mind. For example, Urania 5000 5W-30 (which 5000 5w30) maintains a much thinner film compared to conventional 5W-30 engine oils, significantly reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

For details of Urania oils, click here.

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