Pico launches the PicoScope

Pico launches the PicoScope

Pico has launched the PicoScope 4425A and 4225A diagnostic oscilloscopes, available in four-channel and two-channel configurations.

This latest diagnostic PicoScope combines all the strengths of the existing 4425/4225 labscopes, but adds a smart interface for powered and intelligent accessories (PicoBNC+). This combines the standard BNC with an active digital connection and power. The 4425A and 4225A continue to work with all existing BNC probes and accessories, preserving any previous investments.

The PicoBNC+ connection is a plugand- play design – all that is required is for the user to push to connect. Interactive LEDs on the scope match colour-coding on probes when connected. Probes are automatically recognised in the software and set up accordingly, making diagnostics even faster and easier.

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