Power-TEC unveils denibbing tool

Power-TEC unveils denibbing tool

Dust particles and small dirt build-ups can mar the appearance of any paint job. The Power-TEC tungsten denibbing tool (part number 92665), is engineered to provide swift and efficient paint correction, leaving surfaces looking flawless.

It offers a fast and effective way to remove paint and clear coat imperfections without the need for costly respraying. With its clever design and precision-cut sharp edges made from tungsten steel, it allows users to quickly and easily remove trapped dust particles, small dirt build-ups, and other irregularities, giving a smooth and uniform appearance. Simply finish off by compounding and polishing.

For enhanced versatility and efficiency, the denibbing tool works seamlessly with Power-TEC’s shim-masks (part number 92439). Together, they create a powerful combination for precise and efficient paint correction, ensuring paintwork looks as good as new.

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