PPG runs through Turbo Vision line

PPG runs through Turbo Vision line

PPG Refinish UK introduced its commercial transport platform Turbo Vision within the Nexa Autocolor brand in 2018. CVW caught up with the company to understand what the next generation of topcoat is all about.

Described as the next generation of commercial transport topcoat, PPG launched Nexa Autocolor’s Turbo Vision to develop upon the highly regarded Nexa Autocolor EHS Turbo Plus paint line. The company invested extensive research and development into the Turbo Vision platform to deliver technology designed to address future requirements and expectations of a CT coating system.

The commercial transport offering has been available in the premium refinish brand Nexa Autocolor since March 2018 and offers significant enhancements through innovation, process optimisation and colour excellence; whilst also being fast-drying, easy to apply and achieving a durable gloss and finish.

Turbo Vision has been designed to reach improved levels of performance, process optimisation and colour excellence. Covering all the needs of the commercial vehicle industry – from repairers to special manufacturers – the easy application and fast drying times deliver a premium finish for users.

Flow and colour matching have been at the centre of research when developing the platform, and with different types of vehicles and parts demanding different performance characteristics, a comprehensive range of binders – High Flow, Matte, Structured, Medium Solid and Direct-to-Metal – has been developed to combine with the new premium toners.

Using Turbo Vision’s Premium High Flow Binder results in enhanced coverage and improved opacity, according to the company. Ease of application and lower material consumption both contribute towards a 10-15% reduction in VOC emissions, resulting in healthier working conditions for painters, whilst lowering the environmental footprint for workshops.

As an easy-to-use paint process combined with accurate mixing and efficient colour matching, Turbo Vision offers shorter baking times and less re-work for technicians. Both experienced painters and trainees alike are able to benefit from faster, accurate and reliable results. The covering properties means, on average, a 10-15% material saving and a 25% bake time reduction. PPG claims that Turbo Vision’s general appearance and long-term durability exceeds other coating systems; its colour stability allows painters to confidently and consistently achieve colour mixing and excellent results every time.

David Heal, UK & Ireland Market Director for PPG Refinish, comments: “This generation of commercial transport coatings is a truly exceptional and exciting platform.

“Turbo Vision supports PPG’s goal to be the customer’s first choice every time and significantly improves the value we deliver to our customers. The feedback we have received from early users of the system is exceptional, we are very excited for the entire commercial transport market to experience all the benefits this revolutionary platform can offer.”

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