Premium Perfomance

Premium Perfomance

Chevron Lubricants explains why it is imperative that high quality engine oils are used in vehicles.

Regardless of the automotive application, the value in using premium engine oils cannot be underestimated. Durability is a key element to prevent unnecessary vehicle downtime and reductions in efficiency levels for vehicle fleets, and this is where oil, and oil selection, comes in. Proper lubrication of the inside of the engine requires more than just creating a protective film. Quality heavy duty engine oils must also disperse soot and control sludge, in order to help maximise vehicle mileage and guard against loss of performance from the engine itself.

As well as reducing wear of moving parts, engine oils perform other functions that are integral to the performance and longevity of the powertrain. Corrosion inhibitors can protect the engine against corrosion as oil begins to oxidise, ensuring an increased engine life and better performance, while a reduction of metal-to- metal contact between the moving parts of the engine prevents premature wear of critical engine parts. The oils also act as a protective barrier between the piston and cylinder liner as well as a coolant, preventing energy loss and engine deterioration.

Chevron Lubricants’ highly specialised technology products combine premium base oils with high performance additives in a way that provides high levels of diesel part protection for a customer’s fleet. The company’s engine oils, marketed in Europe under the Texaco Delo brand, are developed to extend service protection, to maximise engine durability and to minimise operating costs. But the Delo product range is more than just a premium line of engine oils – high quality lubrication from bumper to bumper is essential to ensure smooth, reliable operation as well as component protection. From transmissions to differentials, from wheel bearings to shackle pins, it’s important to cover all areas of the vehicle.

Choose carefully

There are a number of premium oils on the market, which makes choosing the ‘right’ one a difficult task. Despite what some cost-conscious fleet managers might think, the most attractive price per litre isn’t always the best – in most cases, a quality product comes at a price. There are also a number of other factors to consider: drain intervals; downtime; engine oil capacities; filtration costs; fuel-efficiency issues; delivery reliability and waste oil disposal costs to name just a few.

The duty cycle of the vehicle also has a big impact on oil selection. Within Europe there are disparate operating temperatures, from the sub-zero of northern Sweden and the Arctic Circle, to the long hours of sunshine in southern European countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal. Coupled with that, the range of tasks that are required of any given commercial vehicle are vast. A bus might run a repetitive duty cycle, but a vehicle that is transporting a full load up a steep hill will be subjected to completely different strains and stresses.

Whatever the size of the fleet, whether it’s long haul trucks, medium-duty lorries or an urban commuter bus, the full range of Texaco Delo products will help increase durability, minimise operating costs and maximise productivity in an ever- competitive world.,

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