Product Test: Chicago Pneumatic Grinders

CVW product tester, Rob Cooper of Commercial Motors Watford, tests out a range of bodywork tools supplied by Chicago Pneumatic (CP). Here’s how he got on…


“The grinders are perfect for getting at hard to reach areas. In the past, I have struggled to reach places like the luggage compartments in a coach with a regular-sized grinder; this is not a problem for the CP tools. The reduction in size speeds up the whole grinding process; by increasing the manoeuvrability of the tool, the technician can adjust his position and the tool’s position to best reach the area that needs attending to.

 “On occasion, when a workshop doesn’t have the correct equipment for bodywork, the technician will attach a rotary rasp to a drill in order to get at any areas of rust. This is not good practice and more often than not the drill won’t produce the required rpm to perform the job to a suitable standard.

The Quiet Die Grinder, CP9110Q-B, in particular, ensures that the rasp rotates at a high enough rpm to properly remove any rust build up that may be on the vehicle. It leaves clean finish with no unnecessary damage.

“This can be an issue with a regular disc grinder. If rust is in an area of the vehicle that is difficult for the technician to access, as it often is, the shape of a disc grinder makes it very difficult to get a satisfactory finish to the area being worked on, often damaging the metal work and needlessly wearing through abrasion discs. The CP grinders are designed to perfectly address this issue; their compact size makes them ideal for difficult bodywork.”

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