Vehicle Safety Systems
Vehicle Safety Systems

Vehicle Safety Systems

ECCO Safety Group (ESG) is a designer and manufacturer of vehicle safety systems. Here, the company emphasises to CVW the importance of workplace and road safety.

Whether the majority of your time is spent on the roads, in the workplace, production sites or in warehouses, safety is one of the biggest challenges you will have to face. On the roads, cyclists and pedestrians are potentially the most at risk from being hit by trucks with poor visibility. In warehouse areas, it is the employees and pedestrians who are the most vulnerable to injury, therefore regulations and continuous training needs to be in place, and strict rules must be adhered too.

In addition to manufacturing safety systems, ESG pays great attention to the health and safety of both its staff and visitors, particularly in the warehouse and production areas. All employees get a full site induction and those employees operating any equipment or machinery undergo rigorous training.

Neil Luxton, Facilities Manager, says: “At ESG, we try to minimise manual handling and prefer the use of fork lift trucks and other lifting equipment in order to reduce injuries”. In certain areas of the warehouse, a high-vis vest or jacket, safety shoes and a safety helmet must be worn by anyone entering the area. All warehouse and production areas have designated walkways and storage areas to minimise accidents. The whole product range from ECCO Safety Group focusses on health and safety on the roads and in warehouse environments. Beacons, worklamps and camera systems are just a few, non-exhaustive ranges in the ESG product portfolio.

The broad range of ECCO beacons include products with higher voltage range (12-80V), making them the perfect lighting choice for use on electric vehicles (material handling application in warehouses) and products with lower amps for all other commercial vehicle applications. Due to the LED technology, the beacons are more durable, versatile and longer lasting. The LED beacons are not only energy efficient but are also much more eco-friendly. Additionally, LEDs are more convenient and safe to use.

The ECCO work lamps can be used in the warehouse environment. The blue LED Pedestrian Spotlight compliments ECCO’s range of high quality warning and safety products, aimed at protecting people working in busy warehouse environments. The product projects a blue spot on the ground indicating the direction a vehicle is moving, increasing vehicle visibility – particularly where blind corners are an issue. Together with the red LED Pedestrian Boundary Line product and the extensive range of camera systems, ESG can offer a full safety solution that protects pedestrian and operators from any potential incidents.

ECCO’s latest camera systems assist drivers in staying connected and aware of their surroundings, and any potential obstacles. The cameras deliver excellent picture quality, even in low-light conditions. The reversing safety solution reduces the risk of accident and vehicle damage to the rear, whilst assisting in safe and easy manoeuvring.

Mike Cyprus, Head of Product Management, concluded: “At ESG, we are passionate about safety, hence we are working closely with partners and end users to ensure we are at the forefront of safety products, which can change the way fleets, commercial vehicles and emergency services are seen and heard in the environment, changing people’s lives for the better”.

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