Product Test: Chicago Pneumatic Needle Scaler & Belt Sander

CVW product tester, Rob Cooper of Commercial Motors Watford, tests out a range of bodywork tools supplied by Chicago Pneumatic (CP). Here’s how he got on…

Needle scaler and belt sander

“Both the scaler and the sander are again very adaptable. The scaler tackles most large areas of loose rust, benefitting from a manoeuvrable and compact design, and leaving a smooth finish. Without sounding like a broken record, the streamlined look of the sander again makes it ideal for jobs where space is limited. The point of the sander can get into corners that would otherwise be unreachable.

“Testament to the quality of the bodywork tools made by CP, all the tools can easily cope with the vibrations generated when in operation – this perhaps being most important when using the scaler as, traditionally, this type of tool can produce considerable vibration. It is not unheard of for an air hose attached to pneumatic tools to come loose when subjected to vibrations. CP has anticipated this problem and has included a whip connection with each product so that the user can be sure of a reliable link between the tool and the air supply. The last thing a technician wants is to be constantly refitting a hose connection when trying to reach a patch of rust that is difficult to get to.”

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