Product Test: CP Ultra-Compact 3/4″ Stubby Impact Wrench
Product Test: CP Ultra-Compact 3/4″ Stubby Impact Wrench

Product Test: CP Ultra-Compact 3/4″ Stubby Impact Wrench

CVW takes a trip down to Rob Cooper’s workshop to test out a brand new tool from Chicago Pneumatic, the Ultra-Compact 3⁄4” Stubby Impact Wrench (CP7762).

Size –
Length: 6.2″, Height: 7.88″, Width: 3.3″

In relation to the Stubby impact wrench, size really is everything. It is far more adaptable than other larger impact wrenches, squeezing into areas on vehicles that would simply not accommodate the Stubby’s bigger brothers. As you might expect, this means that the tool can be used for a wider range of jobs, from torsion rod removal to undoing caliper bolts.

Rob commented: “The impact wrench really came into its own when I used it to remove caliper bolts. A larger wrench can’t get to these tricky components, so more often than not, I have to break out the ratchet, which is not only a tiring and difficult job, but also very slow and may require heating the bolt before removal. The Stubby cuts out all these problems, speeding up the job which means we can get vehicles in and out the door faster. This is great for us workshop owners; it might be a little cheesy, but when time is money, being fast is a real bonus.”

Power –

Despite its size, the Stubby has no lack of power. The force it generates means the tool can deal with most jobs that a full- sized impact wrench usually tackles. In the product test, the power generated by the tool meant that it only had to be in operation for a couple of seconds and there were very few jobs where the wrench struggled in its application.

Rob explained: “Given the type of workshop I own, often we have very old vehicles come in. It is quite likely that due to the vehicle’s age, years of grime and dirt has built up around the nut or bolt that needs to be removed. Only in these few cases did the Stubby struggle, but to give it a fair chance, I would test to see if a larger impact wrench could shift
the component. I found that if the Stubby struggled, then a bigger tool would also struggle and I’d have to use heat to loosen the part.”

When I did use the Stubby, however, it only needed a couple of seconds to get the job done, which was not always the case for the other tools.”

Weight –

At only 3kg, the Stubby is exceptionally light for a tool that is so powerful. This has a tendency to raise all sorts of questions about operator comfort and tool vibration, the latter being a particularly common topic in the workplace at the moment. Through careful design, the Stubby shows no signs of causing any problems for operators.

Rob observed: “There are a number of reasons that make the Stubby comfortable to hold when in operation. Even though it generates a great deal of power and is small, vibration is not a problem. The handle fits well in the hand and the trigger is easy to pull back, which means I did not have to work hard when using the wrench, reducing the chances of any vibration related injury.

I certainly felt comfortable when using the Stubby and changing the tool’s settings was also a simple task. Besides, the speed at which it operates means you’re only ever holding the trigger a couple of seconds at a time.”

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