Providing Precision Technology

Providing Precision Technology

Bosch explains how its EPS 118 common-rail injector tester kit can benefit workshops.

According to SMMT figures, utility and delivery vans and trucks together contribute some £27.5 billion to the UK economy and 96% of these vehicles are powered by diesel, which delivers the high levels of efficiency and performance needed to transport heavy goods over long distances.

With this in mind, and the fact that the proportion of common-rail systems in diesel engines are constantly on the rise, the EPS 118 from Bosch is said to be a key piece of diagnostics kit, providing precision technology for commercial vehicle workshops. The compact space saving design of the injector tester makes it suitable for workshops of every size, and the tabletop unit can be controlled easily, and without previous knowledge, either using the integrated touch screen or by means of a tablet PC.

The EPS 118 common-rail injector tester is fully automatic with a quick setup and intuitive display, meaning that it is easy for technicians to see if a part needs to be sent for repair or if remanufacture of the part is required. Offering workshops a unit at an affordable price, the tester is claimed to be perfect for those looking to enter into the growing need for common-rail injector testing. Providing a readout on the injector, including specific diagnostics information, it has the option of a report printout.

Testing pressure between 250 and 1,800 bar is controlled electronically depending on the specific test point, and the unit is also easy to service and it is straightforward to change filters. No cooling or heating of testing oil is required and quick identification of the defective injector saves valuable time.

Kevin Higgs, Product Specialist for Diesel Test Equipment, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket said: “The EPS 118 is a great option for any workshop looking to take common-rail injector testing internally, rather than outsourcing to larger garages. The value for money unit can provide quick and easy readouts of faults.”

Technical hotline

The unit can also be connected via USB or WiFi for software updates or connected to a printer. Clear presentation of test results is crucial for maintaining customer confidence, and the unit provides a report printout that can be given to customers, helping them to understand service requirements. Accessories available include a WiFi dongle, pressure tube fitting for common-rail injector, return line for common-rail injectors and adapter holder for common-rail injectors.

Constant availability and reliability are imperative for commercial vehicles. Bosch’s spare parts and services are said to ensure the performance, economy and durability of the entire vehicle. Bosch also offers an extensive range of test equipment with vehicle system analysis, exhaust gas, chassis and brake system analysis, systems for diesel repairs and the tyre service.

Commercial vehicle workshops can also contact the Bosch technical hotline for assistance with difficult technical problems. The hotline is manned by specialists with extensive practical experience, thus allowing workshops to benefit from the technical expertise of Bosch as a system supplier for development and original equipment.

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