Tips To Keep Your Vans On The Road
Tips To Keep Your Vans On The Road

Tips To Keep Your Vans On The Road

Vans don’t have an easy ride. Carrying heavy equipment loads, high mileage and the stop-start nature of driving in cities can really take its toll. Unplanned maintenance can cost time and money. Look after your fleet and follow these top tips from ExxonMobil to help avoid being unexpectedly off the road.

Tyre pressure

Vans are susceptible to tyre issues as varying loads means irregular pressure is exerted on them. Regularly testing tyre pressure can avoid rapid wear and tear if it gets too low and blow outs if pressure is too high. Make sure to use the recommended tyre pressure set by the vehicle manufacturer.

Monitor brakes

Over time brakes’ discs and pads can start to wear which can affect the van’s stopping distance and overall performance. Brakes can typically last from 25,000 to 50,000 miles but heavily loaded vehicles will result in faster brake wear. So a regular brake check is essential to monitor the braking system and help prevent accidents.

Engine care

An engine has many moving parts. The friction and resulting wear of these parts is what causes engine damage – and ultimately takes a vehicle off the road. In the stop-start driving conditions of urban environments, this is magnified. Engine oil can reduce that friction and help maximise the engine’s life. Regularly checking oil is important but also think about which oil goes into the engine.

Vans operate in very tough driving conditions compared to cars and their engine wear is often more severe as a result. So it’s important to use an oil tailored to vans. The new Mobil DelvacTM Light Duty engine oil range is tailored for use in vans and offers excellent engine protection and longer life. High performance engine oils can also help maintain fuel economy, resulting in possible cost savings.

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