Public Health England publishes advice for transport businesses

Public Health England publishes advice for transport businesses

Public Health England (PHE) has published a list of tailored advice surrounding social distancing for businesses, including those in the transport sector, as well as other measures that might be implemented by employers in England to help protect their workforce and customers.

The advice contains different scenarios as examples of how people can be protected at work from coronavirus while still continuing to trade.

Advice for Transport businesses

Social distancing should be maintained where possible but PHE has said it recognises that on many forms of transport, staff will not always be able to stay 2 metres away from each other or passengers. Some examples of the advice are below.

If workers have to share enclosed spaces such as the cabs of vehicles, they should keep the window open for ventilation and they should be careful to avoid touching their face at all times. On leaving the enclosed space, they should wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more or use hand sanitiser when they cannot wash their hands.

For the use of private vehicles or when car pooling, if the journey is essential, such as travel to work, and there is no option but to share a car with people who are not part of the same household, journeys should be shared with the same individuals and with the minimum number of people at any one time.Good ventilation (i.e. keeping the windows open) and facing away from each other may help to reduce the risk.

Private vehicles that are used by people from multiple households should be cleaned regularly using gloves and standard cleaning products with particular emphasis on handles and other areas where passengers may touch surfaces.

More information on different scenarios and advice can be found here. Keep up to date with all official government advice on Covid-19 at

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