RHA welcomes London Lorry Control Scheme suspension

RHA welcomes London Lorry Control Scheme suspension

The RHA has announced it is pleased that London Councils will suspend the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett, hailed the move after calling on officials to lift restrictions on trucks delivering overnight and at weekends in the capital.

He said: “Suspension of the LLCS is just one of the points that we highlighted with officials and one of the radical measures needing implementation during these uncertain times; we are pleased that our voice has been heard.

“The suspension will provide operators with greater flexibility to ensure the supply chain is resilient enough to deliver the food, medicines and other goods London needs.

“It will be important for operators who undertake night-time deliveries that they ensure that operations are as quiet as possible.”

For more information, visit www.rha.uk.net.

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