Snickers showcases ‘head to toe’ workwear

Snickers showcases ‘head to toe’ workwear

Here, Snickers showcases its ‘head to toe’ workwear, which is ideal for winter servicing.

Winter servicing is not just about the challenges faced by vehicles, but also the workforce when it comes to cold weather working. In these circumstances, technicians can ‘suit up’ in Snickers’s layers for consistent comfort and protection in cold and wet weather.

Snickers Workwear offers ‘head to toe’ functionality and protection from ergonomic base layers, insulating mid layers and weather-protective outer layer clothing. They not only allow technicians to quickly adjust to changing weather conditions, but also give them the opportunity to make sustainable choices about the clothes they wear at work. This winter’s new jackets, trousers and top wear feature high-tech, breathable fabrics that not only deliver dryness and warmth but also advanced ventilation for controlling body heat.

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