Standox outlines plastic additive

Standox outlines plastic additive

Standox’s VOC Xtreme Plastic Additive U7660 is a flexible direct-to-plastic additive for the repair of plastic substrates.

When VOC Xtreme Plastic Additive U7660 is added to Standox VOC Xtreme Filler U7600 or Standox VOC Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650, VOC Xtreme fillers can be applied directly to plastic parts while maintaining flexibility and excellent adhesion.

This new direct-to-plastic additive allows bodyshops to improve workflow while still achieving the best quality, right first time results. VOC Xtreme Plastic Additive U7660 allows refinishers to use fewer products for plastic repairs. It is also incredibly versatile as it can be added to any primer colour, from pure white to black.

The company adds that VOC Xtreme Plastic Additive U7660 is an important addition to the Standox VOC Xtreme product portfolio, which focuses on exceptionally fast process times and low energy consumption. It enables bodyshops to take advantage of one of the fastest professional refinishing systems for plastic substrates on the market, helping to increase throughput and overall efficiency.

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