Straightset discusses its wheel aligner ranges

Straightset discusses its wheel aligner ranges

CVW talked to Straightset about its Beissbarth and Supertracker wheel aligner ranges. 

While wheel alignment might seem like a maintenance matter, its impact on tyre life, fuel efficiency, safety, driver comfort, and vehicle longevity cannot be overstated. Choosing a wheel alignment system which is right for your business can lead to reduced operating costs, improved safety, and enhanced overall efficiency. But with many wheel alignment systems available, how do you know which one is right for your vehicle?

With technological advances, the latest systems on the market utilise advanced cameras and sensors to create a 3D model of the vehicle’s alignment parameters. This technology provides a comprehensive view of camber, caster and toe angles, allowing mechanics to identify the slightest misalignments.

Beissbarth wheel aligners for the LCV market have been available for many years. Today the ever present ML3D and the new Q.Lign wheel aligners keep that tradition going by being able to give a full four wheel alignment on all vehicles up to a 5m wheelbase using their current manufacturer’s alignment data.

The Q.Lign is a very compact and easy to use aligner, using fast and reliable Wi-Fi data transmission to the tablet or any other device the workshop wants to cast the alignment data to, with many features that aren’t found on any other device.

As well as being very quick to set up – not that speed always means accuracy – it can be used away from the alignment bay to allow for a very quick assessment of a vehicle before it is presented to the wheel alignment bay, ideal for an insurance assessor if the bay is busy or the vehicle is undriveable. For those workshops looking to capitalise on their workshop space and loading a dedicated wheel alignment bay, or a dual revenue ATL/WA bay, can pay dividends.

The bay could also incorporate front facing ADAS calibration work by adding the very latest in OEM ADAS rig technology from Beissbarth, QDAS which complements the Q.Lign. This is designed to be used with the workshops existing diagnostic platforms if they have the capability of ADAS set up/calibration.

This marks the unit out as an efficient part of any workshop, with the specific truck alignment software developed with and for CV garages. Lorry-specific pro wheel clamps eliminate run-out compensation procedures and self-levelling measurement heads make for the speedy set-up times.

Straightset discusses its wheel aligner ranges

Straightforward solutions

For those looking for a more manual wheel alignment system, laser systems use simple laser and visual indicators to measure the angles and orientations of a vehicle’s wheels. This traditional method of wheel alignment is widely used and relies on the technician to measure and calculate the wheel alignment geometry.

One of the most trusted laser wheel alignment manufacturers is Supertracker. The commercial alignment range offers an effective and quick wheel alignment in minutes.

Manufactured in the UK, with quick lead times, the STR T4 twin steer laser commercial aligner, complete with heavy duty turn plates, makes commercial alignment remarkably straightforward. All measurements can be read at the same time with no need to move measuring heads back and forth over axles to obtain readings. With the ability to measure toe and thrust angle as standard, this twin steer aligner can also be upgraded to measure camber and castor with use of a digital camber castor gauge.

The STR T3 is also available for single steer vehicles. Like all the company’s products, the STR T4 and T3 Aligner can be supplied as a mobile kit to be fitted inside a fleet van, meaning a mobile alignment service can be offered. To complete the range; the STR1500 is an entry level commercial two-wheel laser tracking gauge, which is perfect for quick checks and small front toe adjustments.

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