Tackling Battery Demands

Tackling Battery Demands

With technology developing at such a rapid rate, CVW learns from ECOBAT and its distribution partner, VARTA, why having the right battery in place is key to maximising profit potential and fleet efficiency.

Commercial vehicle workshops and fleet operators will be aware that the electrical demands on the current crop of long-distance trucks are increasing. Therefore, faced with the task of powering a growing number of consumables, allied to the fact that they are often fitted in particularly challenging chassis positions, it is crucial to the efficient running of their business that every vehicle in the fleet is equipped with batteries that can withstand these pressures. In fact, it is estimated that one in five trucks need an especially powerful battery, a statistic that is only likely to rise.

With CV technology developing at a fast pace and the requirement from drivers – in common with everyday consumers – to be able to power more and more devices, electrical demand has increased dramatically. This is particularly problematic on a driver rest break or overnight stop when the battery is the sole source of power and can lose up to 50% of its total energy capacity. As a result, traditional batteries are at increased risk of failure, which means unwelcome and expensive vehicle downtime for operators.

Safety regulations

In addition to these challenges, trucks also have to comply with stricter CO2 and safety regulations, which is something only the latest battery technology can provide. Therefore, operators need a battery that provides them with the best possible solution to all these real-world demands.

For more than 30 years, ECOBAT Battery Technologies – formerly Manbat – UK based automotive and CV battery distributor, has had a distribution relationship with OE brand, VARTA. With knowledge and experience spanning a century, VARTA says it provides the ideal solution for these high demand requirements, priding itself on its long- term high performance batteries.

As a solution to the aforementioned demands, VARTA has introduced the Promotive EFB, which is designed specifically for high performance vehicles with heavy cycling (charge/discharge/charge) use. As well as being maintenance free, the Promotive EFB incorporates modern enhanced flooded battery technology to provide up to 40% longer service life, which means it can be relied upon to deliver the power required and keep the vehicle on the road, doing its work and in turn contributing to profits, rather than increasing costs.

Another benefit of its design is the exclusive mixing element, which is used to avoid acid stratification of the acid circulator. As the mixing element uses the natural movement of the vehicle, the acid is kept in constant circulation, enhancing the charge acceptance and increasing its service life. Finally, with injection moulded supports and additional connector fixings, the batteries provide superior vibration resistance, which reduces the chance of premature failure by withstanding vibration, under even the most severe conditions. With tests revealing that five out of six batteries are not sufficiently vibration-resistant, this is clearly an on- going problem for operators.

The EFB technology emphasises VARTA’s commitment to providing the best in battery product development for the operator. With a focus on high durability and low-cost, customers can be assured that their fleet is fully equipped for the journey ahead.


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