How Milwaukee tools can increase efficiency

How Milwaukee tools can increase efficiency

Providing the right tools for the job makes for a better learning experience. At least that’s what one major truck dealer thinks. CVW hears from Northside’s apprentices about how one brand is making life easier in the workshop.

Yorkshire-based Mercedes Truck dealer, Northside Truck & Van, recently sat down with three of its apprentice technicians to explore their experiences using various tools in the workshop. These insightful discussions shed light on the pivotal role tools play in enhancing productivity, reliability, and overall efficiency in their daily tasks.

The apprentices shared their individual stories, providing a profound insight into how the adoption of Milwaukee tools has significantly shaped and optimised their work routines, providing an in-depth view of the tools’ impact on their roles within the company. One apprentice recounted: “I started out during school, working in my uncle’s garage on light vehicles but found I don’t like being bent over an engine bay so moved over to HGVs.” This transition led him to discover Milwaukee tools’ suitability for heavy-duty tasks tasks, finding their ergonomic design aligning perfectly with his new found requirements. This also built up a layer of familiarity and trust in the brand before beginning his apprenticeship with Northside, easing the transition to his new role.

Easy does it

The consensus among the apprentices was that the Milwaukee battery-operated tools play an integral role, particularly the battery guns and electric ratchet, acquired through the employee scheme at Northside Truck & Van. “Battery guns are the tools I use the most along with my electric ratchet, which I got through Northside,” shared one apprentice. Their efficiency in larger tasks and ease of use were highly praised, streamlining work processes significantly.

Milwaukee tools 2

The apprentices unanimously praised the durability and reliability of Milwaukee tools, comparing them favourably to other brands. “Compared to other brands, the Milwaukee power tools are the best and include the best warranty,” expressed one. “The impressive warranty – three years on tools and two years on batteries – just shows you the brand’s commitment to longevity and quality.”

Workshop efficiency

Moreover, the apprentices emphasised the convenience offered by Milwaukee tools, citing much shorter stock delivery times compared to other brands. “Milwaukee is far more convenient in terms of stock, our battery guns arrived within a couple of weeks whereas with other brands in the past we’ve had to wait much longer.” The quick delivery turnaround is certainly a key reason why Milwaukee tools are so popular amongst the Northside apprentices.

Appy days Their appreciation extended to the Milwaukee One-Key app, citing its functionality in enhancing tool security, warranty tracking, and organisational features. “The app can turn my tools off so others cannot use them, I can claim it missing, as well as track if one ever gets stolen through Milwaukee One-Key, which is a top of the range tracker. It also tracks my batteries for when the warranty runs out and the serial number for the battery is connected to my account.” Another added: “I love the app, it keeps everything in lists and helps me stay organised.”

Milwaukee tools 4

The apprentices highlighted the tools’ efficiency in accelerating work processes, ease of operation, and safety features like anti-kickback, ensuring a safer working environment. “The guns make everything so much quicker, you aren’t ratcheting or using a speed bar, and you know the Milwaukee tools will do the job. You can set the tools to a certain torque for the job at hand so you know you won’t snap anything. They ease through the bigger jobs, you know that you can put the battery on and buzz anything off. A lot of the tools, including the drill driver, come with the anti-kickback function so if the tool jolts it will shut it down to stop you breaking your wrist and avoid any danger of injury.”

Expressing satisfaction with their ability to purchase new tools through the employee scheme at Northside Truck & Van, one apprentice stated: “Knowing that we can get our own tools through Northside definitely makes us feel more comfortable when using them and we feel a lot more confident. When you don’t need to worry about damaging the equipment or use lower quality tools, you are then free to be more productive.”

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Career investment

Acknowledging the initial investment, the apprentices unanimously agreed that Milwaukee tools’ quality, warranty, and affordability through the Northside Truck & Van’s wage scheme make them a more than worthwhile purchase. Going forward, Northside Truck & Van will continue to seek and value their apprentices’ feedback, providing them with the best tools and resources to excel in their workshop careers.

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