TruckServices ProFleet Connect

TruckServices ProFleet Connect

Knorr-Bremse is adding TruckServices ProFleet Connect to its range of Lifetime-Efficiency-Services for the aftermarket. The retrofit telematics system aims to help vehicle operators increase the safety and efficiency of their trucks, trailers or buses.

At the core of the system, made up of seven separate functional models, is the tracking unit that is connected up to the vehicle’s data interface and transmits the required vehicle data. Then there is the ProFleet Connect software, which is called up via a web browser and provides access to the required functionalities.

Customers who also want a new platform for data exchange with their drivers can opt for the DriveTab. This tablet PC with its mobile app not only handles all communications between driver and dispatcher, it also provides the basis for driver coaching. Here, ProFleet Connect continuously analyses the dynamic handling of the vehicle and provides the driver with visual or audio hints on how to boost safety and save fuel. The functionalities provided by ProFleet Connect telematics system are split up into seven modules.

“Our aim is to offer the best possible service solution for every commercial vehicle, regardless of type, make or age,” says Dr. Peter Laier, Member of the Executive Board of Knorr- Bremse AG responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Systems division. “Together with our partner Microlise, with TruckServices ProFleet Connect we’re offering our customers smart fleet management services for retrofit. Customers stand to benefit from flexible support with their scheduling, operational safety, quality assurance and driver training, regardless of the brand of vehicles they operate.” Depending on what the vehicle operator is out to achieve, they can choose from the following range:

  • The basic package ensures that the vehicle operator can tell at any given moment where their trucks are and what route they have taken.
  • DriverPlus supports the driver with integrated telephone and navigation functionalities, and remote download of digital tachograph information. It also enables job data and route changes to be communicated.
  • SafetyPlus provides instant feedback on exceptional incidents, such as emergency braking, and stores information about what happened 30 seconds before and after such incidents.
  • LogisticsPlus enables realtime tracking of deliveries, and if necessary, can interface directly with the customer’s ERP software to exchange the relevant data.
  • DeliveryPlus provides the basis for documentation of a shipment from start to finish, including photographic evidence of the condition of the freight when picked up and delivered, with dispatch and arrival times.
  • DiagnosticsPlus supplies current vehicle data and offers status reports.
  • MonitorPlus adds further parameters to the vehicle monitoring system. From tire pressures, to door opening and closing operations, to the temperature in a refrigerated semitrailer, MonitorPlus records the values from many other sensors as required, showing a customer, for example, that the cold chain has never been broken.

Dealers, workshops and Fleet Managers can also access Knorr-Bremse’s product and services expertise in the form of online services, training courses and customised advice.

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