Removing Axle Mountings with Induction Heat

Removing Axle Mountings with Induction Heat

Induction Innovations, provider of high performance induction heating tools and equipment, offers advice on how to quickly, easily and safely remove axle mountings with induction heat.

As many workshop technicians will know, relying on traditional methods to remove rusted and corroded nuts and parts from light commercial vehicles takes time, patience and can be very frustrating. If you use a naked flame to heat the area, the surrounding area of the part can be damaged. As well as the unnecessary damage that can be caused by extra heat, further precautions need to be taken when using Oxy-Acetylene in the workplace.

The company argues that induction heating makes removing rusted or corroded axle mountings easy. Using a hand-held induction heating tool, such as the Mini-Ductor Venom, is claimed to make the job a lot easier. The tool creates invisible heat to heat ferrous metal (containing iron) and some non-ferrous metal. This allows parts bonded with thread lock compound and seized hardware to be removed and released much quicker and more safely than by traditional naked flame heating.

The company stresses that a knowledge, and well-reviewed proficiency of the tools safety and operating instructions is important in order to carry out this procedure safely and correctly.

Equipment needed:

Heat resistant gloves, overalls, goggles and a respirator mask (if smoke is produced from heating).

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