TruTac explains TruFleet

TruTac explains TruFleet

TruTac explains how the new addition to its fleet compliance software has greatly improved vehicle management whilst simultaneously satisfying the DVSA.

TruFleet is TruTac’s latest addition to its TruControl cloud-based system. TruFleet enables companies to plan, organise, and control all aspects of day-today fleet and O Licence management far more easily and with greater efficiency than ever before.

One such company to benefit from the new system is Bolton-based multi-temp specialist 3D International Haulage. It is a family-run business offering temperaturecontrolled, ambient, and high value deliveries for food manufacturers, retailers, and thirdparty distributors throughout the UK.

Two birds with one stone

Senior Transport Manager Martin Rybka explains that the touch-button ability to review vehicle history, maintenance records, safety inspections, defect reporting, rectifications, and audit checks has not only reduced administration time, duplication, and human error, but has also made DVSA daily driver checks simpler and faster to carry out.

“We have 70 trucks on the TruTac system,” explains Martin. “Having all relevant driver, tachograph, and fleet information in one place means we can instantly check drivers’ hours, missing mileage, and infringements from anywhere, at any time.”

Martin recalls that, when the DVSA recently stopped one of 3D International’s vehicles and asked for details, the traffic office was able to send all relevant data in one go and immediately satisfy the vehicle checking criteria. He adds: “Also, during a full audit a couple of years back, we were praised for our precise record keeping, [and our] accuracy and knowledge of compliance requirements. [It was] all made possible by using TruTac’s software products.”

Using TruFleet, Martin and his team can instantly see all planned maintenance events including inspections, MOTs, services, LOLER checks, and repairs. Bespoke entries can be included, and all weekly calendar events viewed in detail on a single screen. Other reminders such as tax, insurance, and tachograph calibration dates can also be added to the calendar.

TruTac Trufleet

Furthermore, tyre and brake status are recorded along with details of each vehicle inspection and, for quick review, full safety inspection history is contained in report form and automatically filed in the system for future quick retrieval. It completely removes the need for manual wall planners and provides peace of mind with full alerting and reports.

Martin concludes: “The system fully integrates with our other TruTac compliance control products. Quite honestly, TruFleet is a life-saver. It saves time, organises the garage, keeps us focused and, above all, makes sure we remain compliant at all times.”

About TruFleet

TruFleet is fully compatible with TruTac’s modular suite of TruControl software and enables managers to switch seamlessly between tacho analysis, daily checks, and maintenance calendars, giving instant visibility and control over every vehicle and driver. The interactive system keeps daily checks, defects, and repair rectifications all in one place, along with all documentation and audit reports for future maintenance bookings. To streamline document management, TruFleet uploads and tags MOT certificates, safety inspection sheets, and contracts so that all garages can instantly assess individual vehicle requirements, while fleet managers can easily search for relevant documents and cross-refer each job with the garage which carried out the work.

For more information on the TruFleet software from TruTac, click here.

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