3rd Bus & Coach Engineering Seminar
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3rd Bus & Coach Engineering Seminar

The 3rd Bus and Coach Engineering Seminar will bring together the UK’s engineering leaders to put their heads together and find out what are the most cost effective and reliable options for current and future regulatory compliance.

This seminar focuses on the reliability and whole life costs asscoiated with low emission buses, based on real experiences in the field. Attend to hear the most cost-effective and reliable options for current and future regulatory compliance.

Attend this event to:

  • Hear about bus operators’ experiences of maintaining fully electric, hybrid, hydrogen and Euro VI diesel buses so you can make an informed decision about your future investments
  • Stay ahead of the curve with your planning, get an update on the direction of future regulations including ULEZ, the proposed Euro VII and ISO 26262
  • Learn about the latest technology developments in batteries, powertrains and more in our interactive exhibition zone
  • Make new contacts and learn from their experiences in our interactive discussion groups

Operators and manufacturers will share knowledge and experiences and rigorously debate the pros and cons of Euro VI, fully electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles. Discuss what the bus industry of the future will look like, in light of future regulations, technology developments and the changing expectations of our customers.

New for 2017:

Take part in our discussion groups with your peers and an expert moderator, who will talk you through the main issues affecting bus and coach engineering. Group members will share their experiences and detail how pertinent industry issues were overcome in this lively, interactive session.

Key programme highlights:

  • The whole life costs of alternative fuel buses: what you need to know before you invest in a new fleet
  • Real life experience of Euro VI buses: how is their environmental and operational performance in the field?
  • Infrastructure for fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell fleets: how have companies faced the hurdles of planning permissions, grid capacity and costs?
  • How will bus engineering change in the face of swiftly evolving customer expectations?
  • Insights into the new ISO 26262 and what the bus industry needs to do to prepare for its implementation

Book your tickets online at www.imeche.org/events or call 0207 7973 1251.

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