Preventative Maintenance on Brake Linings
Preventative Maintenance on Brake Linings

Preventative Maintenance on Brake Linings

Federal-Mogul speaks to CVW about the benefits of preventative maintenance on brake linings and why it is crucial to your business.

Unscheduled downtime or the need for more intensified maintenance schedules are bad news for fleet operators: every minute a vehicle spends off the road and in the workshop is time where it’s not making money. Your customers will tell you that preventative maintenance is key to running a reliable fleet and, in turn, a profitable business.

The use of high quality, durable consumable parts that will not deteriorate quickly or jeopardise vehicle reliability is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to brakes, where OE quality and advanced friction material development can offer improved performance, increased longevity and enhanced NVH characteristics.

Minimising downtime

Surprisingly, while discs and pads are a primary consideration for Service Managers, brake linings for trailer applications are an often overlooked area, according to Federal-Mogul Regional Marketing Manager, Jonathan Allen. “It is Ferodo’s aim to minimise vehicle service and repair downtime by ensuring the availability of a complete range of durable, high performance brake friction materials for a number of applications. Commercial vehicles and their trailers are placed under extraordinary pressure across a variety of driving conditions, so it is essential that brake linings can be relied upon to provide a greater lifecycle with no drop-off in performance as they wear or are subjected to extreme conditions.”

However, Ferodo’s task is not just simply a case of providing a longer life brake lining, but finding a balance between brake friction material wear and physical brake drum wear. “We need to optimise the component life cycle of the entire braking system – too harsh a lining could accelerate brake drum wear and detract from the advantages of using a longer life lining,” says Allen. “It is a balancing act to provide the ultimate brake package that does not compromise performance, durability or highlight a weak point in the braking system.”

Passing the test

Ferodo’s brake lining material has undergone extensive testing against rivals in an effort to prove tangible benefits under a variety of wear test parameters. A 300-stop bedding programme is run under a range of conditions and temperatures, after which wear cycles are run at 40kph. Each cycle is made up of 247 stops at temperatures ranging from 150-350 ̊C, and pressures of 2, 3 and 6 bar.

The wear cycle is repeated six times, providing a total of seven, with the wear measured after each cycle. According to the company, its brake linings provided the slowest rate of wear of any competitor.

The company says it also leads in extensive compression strength tests, providing class-leading performance. “Higher compression strength values provide improved capabilities in heavy- duty braking conditions, helping to improve crack resistance and reduce the chance of failure in extreme use,” explains Allen. “Such results improve durability, reducing the requirement of downtime during servicing and, crucially, the cost of repair.

Cost and performance

“When it comes to cost versus performance, Ferodo offers some of the lowest, and therefore most desirable, variability factors on the market,” Allen continues, going on to explain the further benefits of Ferodo’s advanced brake lining material development.“Higher quality components offer a reduced wear rate and combined with an effective brake reline ensures the brake shoe retains its structural integrity through its life, helping to ensure a longer component life and reduced associated maintenance costs. If workshops can help their customers to reduce downtime and increase service life, it may set them apart from the competition and increase the chance of the customer returning.”

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