Borg & Beck Returns to F1

Borg & Beck Returns to F1

The latest official F1 game for PS4 and XBOX has just been released, and this 2018 edition features Borg & Beck. The company is proud, commenting that the involvement evokes memories of an era when Borg & Beck received the design award for outstanding achievement in motorsport, with over 300 wins from vehicles fitted with OE Borg & Beck.

In this most recent version, F1 2018, which features even more classic cars than ever before, Borg & Beck livery adorns one of the cars, reflecting the brands presence during that period in numerous classic F1 machinery, such as the McLaren M23-D, Niki Lauda’s iconic March 711 and the Ferrari 312B, to name just three.

To commemorate this achievement and relate it to its present-day customers, First Line Ltd, the owner of the brand, will give away one of its popular ‘vintage’ T-shirts, to every player that spots the classic Borg & Beck logo and shares a screen shot of the car on their Facebook page

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