DVSA introduces Connected MOT Equipment requirements

DVSA introduces Connected MOT Equipment requirements

The DVSA has officially confirmed the introduction of Connected MOT Equipment requirements. 

The announcement was made via an updated ‘DVSA Acceptable Equipment’ list for Roller Brake Testers published by the Garage Equipment Association (GEA) on its website.

From 1st October 2019, only ‘connected’ models will be accepted for new site applications or garages replacing existing brake testers. The new specification means that brake test results will be sent directly to the MOT Test System (MTS), via a secure Application Programming Interface (API), without the need for manual data entry by the MOT Tester.

Boston’s software is said to go one step further by monitoring its connection to the MTS. Any errors are notified to the user and failed uploads are automatically reattempted in the background until successfully received.

Boston Garage Equipment Director, Brad Calcutt, commented: “We’re incredibly proud to be the one of the first manufacturers to receive official certification for Connected Equipment. As always, we’re committed to staying ahead of industry developments and future-proofing our products for our customers.

“We’re just a couple of weeks away from receiving MOT Connected Equipment certification for our emissions equipment in addition to developing a new connected electronic headlamp aim tester and a connected decelerometer.”

For more information, visit www.bostonequipment.com.

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