epyx teams up with RAC Approved Garages

epyx teams up with RAC Approved Garages

epyx has teamed up with the RAC’s Approved Garages and Accredited Repairer Network to help key worker fleets stay on the road during the coronavirus crisis.

With many garages closed at the moment, the arrangement helps ensure that broken-down fleet cars and vans driven by key workers can be recovered by RAC patrols to workshops that are open.

It works by garages in the RAC network opting to join the supplier directory in epyx’s industry standard 1link Service Network service, maintenance and repair (SMR) platform, which is used by fleets totalling four million vehicles.

These fleets can then choose to be recovered by the patrol to an RAC garage registered with epyx that they know is definitely open and can form part of their usual SMR buying through 1link.

Gary Wrightson-Heyworth, Network Operations Service Manager, said: “We were approached by a major fleet in order to try to resolve this problem but it is something that we were already aware was an emerging issue for a number of key worker fleets.

“This new arrangement should make it much easier for them to access the service, maintenance and repair they need. More than four out of five garages in our network remain open.

“For car and van operators delivering essential services, keeping vehicles on the road is paramount at the moment. It could literally save lives. We have been determined to play our part.

“The demand for this kind of facility has shown that, considering current conditions, we are already seeing relatively high numbers of jobs being processed.”

He added that the RAC Approved Garages and Accredited Repairer Network was encouraging extensive social distancing and cleaning methods to be adopted and was working on a standard code of practice.

“Obviously, the safety of staff at these garages and their customers is paramount and we are specifying that the precautions you’d expect are being taken. Soon, these will be formalised into a guide.

“Generally, technicians operating in workshops do not work in close proximity, which is a real advantage in current conditions.”

Marc Lees, Head of Business Development at epyx, added: “Many of the garages in the RAC network were already users of 1link Service Network but we have embarked on a campaign to recruit the others and have added nearly 100 garages to date.

“Like the RAC, we have been heavily involved with helping essential workers and vulnerable people to stay mobile during the current crisis and we are very pleased to be involved in this initiative.”

For more information, visit www.epyx.co.uk.

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