Equipmake launches high torque electric motor

Equipmake launches high torque electric motor

Equipmake has launched a high torque electric motor designed specifically for use in heavy duty commercial vehicles, such as electric buses.

Called the HTM 3500, the new motor combines high torque with low motor speeds, fitting directly onto the propshaft of a large electric vehicle, negating the need for a separate gearbox.

It’s capable of producing a maximum torque of 3,500Nm at just 1,000rpm, and it has been designed for multiple heavy duty vehicle applications, from electric buses to HGVs and mining trucks. Engineered and manufactured in the UK, HTM 3500 weighs 195kg, has a diameter of 540mm, a width of 251mm, and a height of 607mm. This is as well as peak torque of 3,500Nm, peak power of 400kW, and a maximum motor speed of 3,500rpm. It is available as a single or coupled unit.

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