How To Fit A Urea Filter

How To Fit A Urea Filter

CVW speaks to MANN-FILTER to find out about the U 58/7 KIT Urea Filter for Mercedes and Scania. The company provides fitting instructions and explains why it comes as a kit.

MANN-FILTER urea filter elements are claimed to protect the sensitive SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems of current trucks and buses against contaminants.

All MANN-FILTER urea filter elements are supplied as a kit, including the necessary components to change the filter. The U 58/7 KIT is fitted to a wide range of Mercedes and Scania applications and is only available as a complete housing. This is in line with the OE specification which states the plastic housing must not be reused as they operate in an aggressive environment and therefore must be completely replaced at every scheduled service.

Fitting Instructions

To ensure that U 58/7 KIT is installed correctly, the company recommends follow the steps:

PLEASE NOTE: There may be some AdBlue/DEF leakage.

1. Firstly, the supply unit has to be cleaned. To do this, untorque the filter housing with a torque wrench and remove the frost compensation membrane.

2. Remove the filter by slightly turning and pulling the element then use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean any escaping AdBlue/DEF liquid.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not reuse any demounted parts.

3. Ensure the ventilation membrane, frost compensation element and sealing are still inside the filter housing and the sealing surface is completely clean.

4. Lubricate the supplied O-ring with DEF and attach to the filter element. Then fix over the aluminium centre tube – always ensure the element is pushed right up to the aluminium housing.

5. Attach the new frost compensation membrane over the filter element in the housing ensuring the sealing bead of the membrane is complete, circular and clean.

PLEASE NOTE: The groove on the pump housing must also be clean.

6. Lubricate the sealing bead of the frost compensation membrane and the pump housing thread with Biolube Pump Spray.

7. Screw the filter housing onto the pump housing and torque the filter housing with a wrench to 80 +/- 5Nm.


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