How to install SVL Rep Locks on a Ford Transit

How to install SVL Rep Locks on a Ford Transit

Hickleys guides CVW through the installation process of a SVL Rep Lock in a Ford Transit and Transit Custom.

With an increasing volume of van thefts and break-ins, the need for added or improved vehicle security has never been greater. For many, the humble Ford van is an essential workhorse for a successful business. However, criminals know this as well, making it a frequent target for crime.

Whilst the Ford Transit is a fantastic van used worldwide, it does have its flaws. One of these major security flaws is just how easy it is for an adept criminal to break into it and remove its contents often in a matter of seconds. The driver’s door lock is a known weakness in the security of Ford Transit and Transit Custom vans; a simple technique can gain entry to the vehicle and unlock the rear doors of the vehicle. No special knowledge, skills or tools are required and this can be achieved in seconds.

The installation of a high security SVL Rep Lock can be completed in less than an hour, increasing the protection of your vehicle and its contents, and offering you peace of mind. A true replacement for the OE lock installed from the factory, the SVL Rep Lock offers superior physical security, as well as being a deterrent for any opportunistic criminal.

Hickleys steps

The replacement security lock is manufactured from the highest grade materials, with a multi-pin lock design and corrosion resistance, plus a free key code saving service.

The SVL locks have been designed to replace the existing Ford original equipment lock, using the same location without cutting or drilling. Note that there are two versions: one for Transits and one for Customs.

If there happens to be damage around the lock already from a previous break-in attempt, there is a solution available in the form of a larger exterior bezel to hide and protect any visible damage.

The SVL lock comes complete with a detailed step-by-step installation guide, and no modification is required; SVL Locks are a true OE replacement.

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