Kärcher launches online resources addressing workplace hygiene

Kärcher launches online resources addressing workplace hygiene

Kärcher has released a series of specially prepared online resources and virtual training to help organisations to prepare a safe and hygienic workplace.

It has never been more important to ensure a clean and safe environment for both employees and customers. Kärcher has stated it recognises that different working environments require different cleaning regimes and equipment, which is reflected in its recently launched online cleaning resource. Available here it comprises a useful guide, cleaning tips and checklists pertinent to multiple workplace areas.

Many businesses will have purchased new cleaning equipment or increased the head count in cleaning teams to optimise hygiene processes, both routes necessitating training. Kärcher’s new virtual training resource is said to answer this need through a series of online training videos, as well as live customer consultations for those requiring more tailored instruction. Filmed at the Kärcher Academy, using Kärcher Professional machines, these training assets aim to provide direct access to cleaning experts.

In these video tools, Kärcher explains how offices are vulnerable to dirt build-up on everyday touch points such as desks, keyboards and telephones. These are critical areas for contamination and need to be hygienically clean. Cleaning with water & detergent is an effective way to remove impurities, dust and dirt, followed by disinfection to destroy pathogenic micro-organisms and leave surfaces hygienically clean. Cleaning teams must also use personal protective equipment (PPE) – disposable gloves and aprons are a minimum standard.

It goes on to give specific advice on shared kitchens for employees as a number one priority, to prevent contamination and transmission of germs and bacteria. Ensure pipes have been thoroughly flushed through so the tap water is safe, as water that’s been left sitting in pipes for a long period of time could have accumulated chemicals and harmful organisms such as Legionnaire’s Disease.  Deep cleaning and sanitising all kitchen utensils like forks, knives and spoons at 60oC or above will kill most germs and bacteria. Kärcher has a broad machine, accessory and detergent range to help achieve hygiene standards.

In the last few weeks, Karcher has reportedly seen a surge in demand for steam cleaners. In particular for public bathroom facilities, a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which make exemplary hygiene standards crucial. For hard-to-reach, high-risk touchpoints like sinks, taps and soap dispensers a Professional Steam Cleaner is said to be ideal to disinfect without cloths and chemicals.

Steam-cleaning is also said to be well-suited to general public areas where chemicals need to be avoided, and it can accesses the areas which prove difficult to reach with a cloth. High footfall public areas, like a reception and a canteen, must be kept hygienic to ensure a safe working environment, combining everyday maintenance cleaning with deep cleaning methods.

To request a live customer consultation, visit www.kaercher.com/uk/make-an-enquiry.html.

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