KNIPEX showcases pipe cutter

KNIPEX showcases pipe cutter

The KNIPEX 90 10 185 Pipe cutter for multilayer and pneumatic hoses makes life easier in the workshop thanks to the low force required to operate it, making the tool easy on the hands even in continuous use.

The tool is ideal for all liquid, multilayer and pneumatic hoses or pipes commonly available on the market in the wide application range from 4 to 20 mm.

KNIPEX pipe cutter

The pipe cutter also features an automatic opening with a spring mechanism, which is useful for repetitive work. The tool has an exchangeable blade made of high-strength special grade steel, which is oil-hardened and tempered. The blade uses a design that produces clean, burr-free cut surfaces, and there are supporting base plates that hold the hose or pipe at a perfect right angle in relation to the blade.

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