Laser Tools displays its stud remover and installer

Laser Tools displays its stud remover and installer

When removing or installing studs, it’s important not to damage the threads. This new stud remover and installer from Laser Tools (part number 7804) allows the user to remove studs from cylinder heads, for example, without damaging them.

It also enables the technician to install new studs tightly and firmly without damaging the new stud threads and allows a torque wrench to be used if required.

Four sizes of remover and installer are provided, covering the most common head and manifold stud sizes: M6 x 1.0, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.5. To remove a stud, screw on the remover until the outer nut section reaches the stud tip. Now turn the inner section anticlockwise until the stud is removed. The stud remover grips the stud firmly without compressing or damaging the threads.

When fitting a new stud it needs to be firmly seated and again, we don’t want to compress or otherwise damage the threads. Screw the correctly-sized installer onto the new stud until it reaches the internal ball and won’t screw on any further. With the installer now locked firmly onto the stud, screw the stud into the stud hole. Now torque the stud to the manufacturer’s specification. Unlock the installer with the supplied 6mm hex key — the installer can now be easily removed leaving clean, undamaged threads on the stud. The set is supplied in a foam tray to fit neatly in the tool tray.

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