Mannol introduces diesel ester additive

Mannol introduces diesel ester additive

Mannol has introduced an anti-wear additive for all types of diesel fuel, and especially for types I and II with a low sulphur content.

To get the maximum effect, it has to be used constantly. The effect of the application becomes noticeable after 20 hours of driving.

It works by forming a stable and strong lubricating complex Estero-oil film with a high degree of adsorption on the components and parts of the fuel system, which significantly reduces the coefficient of friction of the contacting surfaces and significantly reduces their wear. This effect is especially evident in high-pressure fuel pumps in a pair of plunger-sleeve, injectors and pump-injectors; this significantly increases the service life of this expensive equipment. For a high-pressure fuel pump, this eliminates the main cause of wear of the plunger pairs: low-quality, dry diesel fuel.

It also prevents the formation of new deposits on non-conjugated surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys due to the formation of a special oil protective film. Due to this, it also has a pronounced anti-corrosion effect.

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