Michelin and MWheels go back to school

Michelin and MWheels go back to school

Staff at the Michelin Training Centre are working closely with MWheels and its technical experts to further improve overall knowledge of CV wheel safety throughout the industry.

The educational aims, which are based predominantly around hands-on workshop participation, alongside traditional seminar lessons, includes in-depth knowledge of the wheel itself, fitting and general maintenance, wheel security and the understanding of affiliated parts such as axles, nuts and threads.

The majority of the information has been gleaned from existing quality literature and MWheels’ extensive technical knowledge and experience, which have come to the fore in its successful lobbying and input into the EU Roadworthiness Directive and recent positive meeting with the Department for Transport (DfT).

On a practical side, the distributor has supplied wheels for display on stands and the training vehicle, posters and additional technical information, including the company’s thorough 10-point wheel checkpoint plan.

Based near the manufacturer’s UK headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, the Michelin Training Centre hosts over 1,000 delegates per year including internal sales and fitting staff as well as tyre technicians, industry experts, military personnel and police collision investigators.

Carl Williams, Michelin Training & Information Centre Manager UK & ROI, said: “We’ve known about MWheels’ lead position on CV wheel safety and their EU Roadworthiness Directive involvement for a number of years, so partnering with them on this important issue is a natural step.”

“As a preferred supplier to ATS Euromaster, our recent history shows we are able to work together to deliver the safety message alongside best-in-class solutions,” added Matt Mardle, Chief Operating Officer at MWheels. “The extended partnership will up our game again, bringing education to whole new audiences.”

MWheels’ popular white paper, ‘Evaluating commercial vehicle wheel safety – how to keep safe and stay compliant’, is still available to download via www.mwheels.co.uk/downloads/evaluating-wheel-safety-white-paper/

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