RHA claims Direct Vision Standard will put hauliers at risk

RHA claims Direct Vision Standard will put hauliers at risk

RHA has said that forcing hauliers to spend thousands of pounds on vehicle upgrades during the COVID-19 crisis is both insensitive and outrageous.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett, explained that the London mayor’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS), which launches in October, is in danger of forcing struggling firms out of business despite postponing enforcement until February 2021.

The so-called controversial scheme means that trucks entering the capital will have to comply with a London-specific safety standard or face £550 fines.

Richard has called on Transport for London (TfL) and Sadiq Khan to push DVS back at least a year to give firms time to recover from the national emergency.

He stated: “It’s unthinkable that TfL and the mayor are going ahead with DVS at this time.

“Hauliers supplying London with the goods they need during the crisis are already facing a financial struggle for survival. Saddling them with huge costs to upgrade their vehicles right now is short-sighted and beyond belief – they need more time.

“Adding a year to the roll out of this scheme would cost the authorities nothing and save many firms from going out of business. It would be a win-win for common sense.”

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