Troubleshooter: Fiat Ducato

Troubleshooter: Fiat Ducato

Valeo explains the solutions to two common issues that technicians may encounter when working on a Fiat Ducato.

Issue 1: Air conditioning malfunction

Part Number: 814085, 814069

Vehicle: Fiat Ducato

It has come to the attention of the Valeo Service Technical department that in 2009, a technical service bulletin was issued by Fiat for the Ducato 2006 models with the F1AE0481D engine due to vehicles suffering from air conditioning failure. This failure can be attributed to a damaged air- conditioning compressor outlet line.

However, if either of these symptoms occur, there may be no manufacturing defect with the Valeo condenser 814085 or 814069, especially if it has been recently replaced. In order to identify the correct root cause of the issue, it is advised to check the full air conditioning system for leaks, paying special attention to the air- conditioning compressor outlet line (commonly leading towards the vehicle’s condenser). If, through vehicle diagnosis, the root cause of the issue is in fact a damaged air conditioning outlet line, Valeo recommends performing the following steps:

■ Draining the air-conditioning system.

■ Renewing the affected air conditioning line and associated gaskets.

■ Re-filling the air-conditioning system.

The affected Fiat Ducato (2006 model year) had VIN’s up to the following range VIN – **********1583932. Fiat Ducato vehicles with VIN’s after the above have improved parts that resolve the problem.

Please note, if condensers 814085 or 814069 are returned and show no sign of leaking and have been fitted to one of the affected vehicles, Valeo reserves the right to reject the claim.

Issue 2: SAT locking plate removal

Part Number: 826719, 826932, 826933, 828372, 835057

Vehicle: Fiat Ducato (250-251) 07/2006 >

Valeo Technical Support has received a number of calls on the Valeo clutch kits above, with technicians asking if they need to remove part of the clutch cover. For these clutch kits, the clutch cover has a shipping plate built into it that holds the self-adjusting mechanism in place.

The shipping plate is only to be removed once the clutch has been bolted onto the flywheel and torqued to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The shipping plate may contain a sticker as shown in the picture.

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