Vehicle Downtime Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

Vehicle Downtime Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth
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According to research, having a vehicle off the road is costing up to £500 a day for one in three small businesses. So how can mobile operators most efficiently save their customers from incurring such high costs? Paul Smith, commercial manager at Winton, discusses.

“Mobile operation is a convenient solution to commercial vehicle tyre repair – after all – the technician is taking the service to wherever the vehicles are located, thus reducing downtime. Much to the benefit of fleet operators, this can result in significant savings.

“That said, it’s crucial for mobile operators to consider their equipment and how to give their customers the best quality service possible. When a business requires reliable mobile power solutions, on-vehicle power systems deliver a multitude of advantages.

“Traditional on-vehicle compressor solutions, such as those based on petrol-driven piston technology, are often noisy and almost always require a written scheme of examination by law.

“Ideal for mobile maintenance, tyre fitting and fleet support are FWD and RWD engine mounted on-vehicle compressor systems, as well as a driveline PTO compressor systems. Winton’s solutions are particularly unique in that they use Mattei rotary vane compressors in the design, resulting in the crucial reduction of fuel consumption.

“The technician can of course carry a separate compressor in the back of their van – but this takes up valuable space, and can be hazardous if it’s not properly secured. They will also need to ensure a fuel or power source is available wherever the customer’s vehicle is located, which can be difficult if it’s on the side of a road. On-vehicle power eliminates these inconveniences.

“Tyre technicians need access to compressed air, and on-vehicle power can be the ideal answer for mobile operations, helping to create a workstation that has everything they need while they’re out on the road.”

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