WD-40 Flexible

WD-40 Flexible

CVW gets to grips with the new WD-40 Flexible. With a super bendy, flexible metal construction, the company says the straw can be shaped to cope with every angle, corner, unseen target and difficult-to-reach area you can imagine.

Whilst WD-40’s Smart Straw product allows users to target very specific areas, the metal Flexible straw gives you an even more convenient delivery system, holding whatever shape it is bent into to allow application in incredibly tight, intricate spaces, such as around pipework and behind panels.

In addition, with the help of Sprays2Ways technology, you still have the option to flip down the straw and apply a wide spray to areas needing maximum coverage.

Remember, the Flexible is still a WD-40 multi-use product, so you can use it for:

■ Displacing moisture, preventing rust and corrosion
■ Penetrating seizing parts and lubricating equipment for smoother operation
■ Removing oil, grease and grime with ease
■ Drying out electrical systems and improving electrical connections in damp environments

Features and benefits

  • Long metal straw (185mm) that can be bent and flexed to reach difficult target areas
  • Flexible straw will hold shape it is moulded to, so you can still spray one-handed
  • Allows you to work around obstacles such as pipework, panelling and large components
  • Taller, thinner 400ml cans allow for longer straw – almost 1/3 longer that of the Smart Straw
  • Spray2Ways valve still allows for wide application; just flick the straw down and spray


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