A Combined Approach
A Combined Approach

A Combined Approach

Having recently updated its Jaltest software to become Jaltest Telematics, Eclipse Diagnostics explains how it can help fleets to gain a greater understanding of their operations.

Telematics is becoming increasingly more important to the transportation sector, enabling companies to understand and manage the positioning of their fleet for improved operational efficiencies. To coincide with such developments, the Jaltest software available from Eclipse Diagnostics has now been taken a step further, to become Jaltest Telematics.

By utilising the Cloud, the development enables technicians to monitor vehicles at any time and at any place. The system also collects targeted information from vehicles to enable further analysis to be taken out, with some of the key benefits outlined below:

► Vehicle/Fleet health check: allows for realtime connectivity with the drivers and vehicles to improve planning and the identification of current and potential vehicle faults. The system provides remote access to the ECU of any vehicle and allows workshops to manage KPIs on multiple variables, send repair notices, and even perform diagnostics in real time.

The real-time diagnostic features deliver the same diagnostic access and capability that would be possible within the workshop. This allows technicians to analyse faults and arrange fast and targeted repairs wherever the vehicle is located, as well as managing faults and performance issues before they become critical.

► Remote access: via a dedicated app, users can access the data with any PC or mobile device and interact with it. Accessible through the ODF portal of Jaltest Telematics, the information is displayed in real time.

► Predictive maintenance: the predictive model works in real time, in comparison to a preventative model that is based only on the collection and analysis of periodically generated reports.

► Workshop notifications: if the vehicle develops a fault while in operation, Jaltest Telematics has the ability to both detect the fault, and then direct the vehicle to the nearest of the 25,000 workshops linked to the system. The system will also guide workshops through repairs, troubleshoot gathered information, provide wiring diagrams and technical data, and more.

Order management: the system allows for the tracking of goods by date, vehicle and driver. In the ODF portal, orders are traceable and drivers can report the status of the order by using the app.

 ► Remote tachograph download: a particular vehicle or driver’s tachograph card can be downloaded remotely – fundamental for fleet managers to ensure legislation compliance.

By addressing the logistical needs of a company with a blend of multi-brand diagnostics and vehicle information to support it, Eclipse believes that Jaltest Telematics offers a fundamental shift in the use of vehicle information to support fleet operators and their workshops.


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