Bosch showcases its Denoxtronic filters

Bosch showcases its Denoxtronic filters

Bosch Denoxtronic filters reliably cleans AdBlue of dirt particles, assist with optimum dosing, and protect the Denoxtronic system at the same time.

The filter must be changed at regular intervals as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Bosch Denoxtronic system

  • Exhaust gas treatment using AdBlue converts nitrogen oxides and ammonia into water and nitrogen
  • Amount of AdBlue injected into the system is controlled by the pump and dosing modules
  • The amount of AdBlue is determined by the engine’s operating state and exhaust valves

Advantages at a glance

  • High particle separation rate
  • High dirt-absorption capacity
  • Chemical resistance to AdBlue
  • Frost resistance due to compressible compensating element with sealing function

AdBlue is a watery urea solution composed of up to 32.5% urea and up to 67.5% demineralised water. Due to its high water content, AdBlue freezes and expands at just -11°C. In this case, compressible compensation elements prevent damage to both the filter and the supply module.

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