Customer oriented

Customer oriented

CVW finds out from Imexpart Ltd what its new APLUS steering and suspension range means for workshops across the country, and how the company ensures its customers are never let down.

Imexpart Ltd (IMEX) has been supplying CV workshops for more than 30 years now. It prides itself on customer service, so much so that many of its customers think the company is part of the franchised network. “It’s the ease in which we identify our customer’s requirements,” said Managing Director and Founder, Arthur Pinkney. “With access to the various manufacturers, Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPCs), we are able to interpret enquiries quickly and accurately, first time and every time.”

IMEX has a team of experienced Parts Sales Interpreters to help customers with queries, often handling around 900 inbound calls every day. Whether it is a scheduled service or an unplanned accident repair, IMEX can usually help with stocks approaching £5m and 9,000 active product lines. The company supplies pretty much everything, including: axle & driveline, mirrors, steering, suspension, braking, filtration, accident damage, electrical, exhaust, air brake, cooling, engine, fuel, bumpers, panels, lighting and friction, etc.

Some CV parts suppliers can struggle to supply captive and hard-to-source parts, but IMEX specialises in the area. Parts are priced individually, with discounts up to 70% off franchised dealer list prices. Independent workshops often take advantage of this and keep the extra margin for themselves. “That’s their business,” said Arthur.

For non-critical ‘bolt-on parts’, IMEX often offers OE and then a more affordable alternative so that the customer can make their own choice. Many franchised dealers buy from IMEX, which is testament to the quality of its products. Today, the UK parts aftermarket is saturated with copy parts and far Eastern imports that are simply not up to the job, or at least, so IMEX believes.

However, this means the company is proud that it never compromises on quality and only chooses to work with manufacturers that have an OE pedigree.

Imexpart customer

To cap it all off, IMEX offers a structured same-day delivery service up to four times a day, with no order threshold and provides same-day deliveries free of charge. A 24- hour/next-day service is available for those customers outside of their same-day delivery area. Whatever the delivery, IMEX has depots in West Yorkshire, the Midlands, the North West, and the South East to cover customer demands.

APLUS range

In April, IMEX was delighted to announce the launch of its APLUS range of steering and suspension parts for light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. The range comprises ball joints, centre rods, draglinks, tie rods, track control arms, repair kits, tie rod ends, wishbones, stabilisers, idler arms, v-bars, axial joints and bushings, covering multiple applications.

Its exclusive APLUS parts are designed, manufactured and tested in a state-of-theart European manufacturing facility that produces OE-quality with aftermarket flexibility, and everything will be supplied with all the necessary accessories in order to offer a first-time fit. IMEX owner and Managing Director, Arthur Pinkney said, “This is a very exciting time for us; launching our exclusive range of APLUS parts. We will be adding many more new-to- range parts throughout 2019.”

To find out more about Imexpart and the new APLUS range, click here.

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