ElimiNOX details its reduction of emissions

ElimiNOX details its reduction of emissions

Shrewsbury-based ElimiNOX details how it has made a breakthrough in the reduction of harmful emissions from diesel fumes and how it can benefit fleets moving forwards.

ElimiNOX is a fuel conditioner that has been proven to dramatically reduce emissions, engine wear maintenance, and fuel costs (as it increases MPG). The product has been widely tested and is now being used in the field with some fantastic results on many different diesel engines. Another huge benefit to the product is that it prevents the growth of diesel bug, which is becoming more and more prevalent and a real problem for hauliers that both store and use large amounts of diesel in the field.

The product has been widely tested by some of the leading laboratories and testing grounds, including Millbrook Proving Ground, and the results have been fantastic.

The product is bottled and offered in multiple different sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, and 5000ml. All these sizes come in a double top bottle that enable the conditioner to be measured pre-dosing.

The diesel to conditioner ratio is 2000:1, so for a 100 litre fuel tank, 50ml is required. No special mixing is necessary, the conditioner is added first to fuel storage or vehicle tanks, then as the diesel is added to the tank the two are mixed.


ElimiNOX is manufactured by Nouryon (formally Akzo Nobel), one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world. It emulsifies free water into the diesel precombustion which increases the cetane value at combustion and improves performance whist increasing the lubricity factor up to 30%, which is the factor that saves engine wear and decreases maintenance.

Bureau Veritas has also issued ElimiNOX with certification that confirms fuel treated with ElimiNOX Eco retained EN590 Compliance. Additionally, they measured a 30% improvement in lubricity following dosing the fuel to the recommended 2000:1 ratio.

Case study

Telford-based Besblock describes the new technology as ‘game-changing’ for the industry and for the planet. “Not only does ElimiNOX fit in with our wider sustainability plans and will help to reduce our carbon footprint, but it has also saved us money,” comments Andrew Huxley, Managing Director of Besblock.


Besblock, which recently announced a six-figure investment to enhance the environmental impact of its products, now uses the technology across all 27 trucks in its fleet and has saved 8% in fuel costs since it was introduced.

“With that, alongside the fuel filter replacements and maintenance costs of our fleet reduced, we’re looking at 9- 10% savings per year,” Andrew adds.

ElimiNOX founder Gwyn Lewis explains: “Independent tests have been carried out which show the toxic exhaust levels drop significantly when ElimiNOX is used.”

The tests found a more than 61% reduction in particulate matter 2.5, and a 53% reduction in particulate matter 10. They also found a 35% reduction in carbon dioxide and a 30% reduction in carbon monoxide.

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